How to use Medicinal Plants?

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Medicinal plants


Some plants can help cure particular diseases.

Here are some of the more common medicinal plants.


For Dizziness              Sniff the crushed leaves of the following

Suha, Dayap, Dalanghita, Kalamansi, Guava and Herbabuwena


For Fever                    Boil the leaves of any of these plants

                                    Sambong, Alagaw, Sampaguita, Kamias, Balimbing, Suha, Dayap

                                    Use the water for a sponge bath.


For Diarrhea               Drink tea made with boiled leaves

                                    Guava, Mangosteen, Star Apple, Avocado


For Headache             Crush the leaves of any of these plants and place them on the forehead of the patient.

                                    Sambong, Lagundi, Alagaw, Damong Maria, Mansanilya, Mayana, Pandan


For Cough                   Boil the leaves of the following

                                    Sampaloc, Alagaw, Oregano, Mango tops

                                    Drink the liquid.


For Constipation         Eat one or two cups of any of the following cooked vegetable leaves

                                    Kangkong,, Camote, and Malunggay

                                    You may also eat boiled peanuts, pili, cashew seeds, or ripe papaya fruit.


For Burns                    Get the juice of any of these

                                    Gumamela flower, Oregano, Sabila

                                    Apply the juice on the burned part.


For Toothache            Crush a Garlic  clove and insert into the cavity of the aching tooth, let it stay there for 15 minutes.


For Scabies                 Pound the stem of Makabuhay or Kalatsutsi leaves.

                                    Apply the juice on the affected skin.


For Sprains                 Heat and pound Ikmo, Mayana or Kakawati leaves

                                    Apply it on the sprained joint.




Some powerful drugs taken from plants.


Caffeine                      This medicine comes from coffee pods and tea.

                                    Caffeine builds up the activity of the nervous system.  But too much caffeine in the body is not good.  It makes the person nervous or fearful.


Penicillin                     This medicine is used to kill or stop the growth of harmful bacteria.  It is taken from a kind of mold.  A mold is a plant that grows on decaying wood and other materials.


Opium                         This is taken from the juice of the poppy plant.  Morphine comes from opium.  Morphine is used to put a very sick person to sleep because it is a painkiller.

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    do you have any recipe for an alagaw tree?

    or any parts of the alagaw tree? (leaves, seeds, baranches)

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