Poultry and Its Classification

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Poultry consists of domesticated birds kept by humans for the purpose of collecting their eggs, or bred for the table, includes chicken, turkey, pigeon, goose and duck.

It is a very good source of vitamins, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin, it is also contains amino acids.

Duck, goose, turkey and squab has a high fat content than the chicken.

Poultry classification

1.      CHICKEN   chicken poultry

a.       Pullet – “baby chicken”, its weight is at most 1lb; good for grilling and roasting.

b.      Broiler –weighing 2lbs and about 6-10 weeks old.

c.       Fryer – 6 weeks old, its weight is about 2- ½ lbs.

d.      Roaster – 8 weeks old, it is about 3.4lbs and its size is good for a family

e.      Broiler fowl – old bird that lay hen.  6lbs and about 8 months old.  Good for stews or casseroles.

f.        Capon – surgically unsexed male chicken with smooth-textured skin and tendered meat.

g.       Stag – a male chicken with coarse skin, with dark and tough meat.

h.      Cock / roaster – a mature male chicken coarse skin, with dark and tough meat.

2.      DUCK  duck

a.       Broiler duckling or fryer duckling – it is a young duck, about below 8-week-old with soft bill and windpipe and its meat is tender.

b.      Roaster duckling – also a young duck below 16-week-old, with tender meat.

c.       Mature duck or old duck – it is about 6-month-old, tough meat, has hard bill and windpipe.

3.      TURKEY  turkey

a.       Fryer-roaster – a young immature turkey; its weight is about 4-5lbs, with tender meat.

b.      Young hen – it is a female turkey, weighs 8lbs and has tender meat.

c.       Young tom – it is a young male turkey, weighs 12lbs+ and also has a tender meat.

d.      Yearling hen – it is fully matured female turkey.

e.      Yearling tom – it is fully matured male turkey.

f.        Old turkey – it is mature male / female turkey, its skin is tough and coarse.

4.      PIGEONS  pigeon

a.       Squab – it is a young immature pigeon with extra tender meat.

b.      Pigeon – it is a mature pigeon, has rough flesh and coarse skin.

5.      GOOSE

a.       Gosling – it is a young goose, 6month old and below. goose

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