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Equipment / utensils:tapa

  • Knives and/or meat slicer
  • Plastic or stainless basin or pan
  • Ingredients scale or measuring cup or spoons
  • Tray


  • 1 kl lean meat from beef, carabeef, preferably with 8-10% intramuscular fat

  • 15 g. salt

  • 25 g. sugar

  • 2 g. garlic powder

  • 4 g. black pepper

  • 2 g. MSG

  • 10 g. anisado wine

  • 2 g. atsuete extract



  1. Partially freeze or chill meat.
  2. Slice to about 1/8 inch thick.  Make sure it is across the muscle fiber.
  3. Weigh ingredients and mix them all thoroughly.
  4. Spread a very thin layer of spice on a tray.
  5. Place one layer of slice meat on top of the spice on the tray.
  6. Spread a very thin layer of the spice on top of the meat by wiping it with your hands dipped in the mixture of spices.
  7. Arrange another layer of sliced meat on top of the first layer.
  8. Apply spices on top of the meat.
  9. Repeat operation until all meat is completely applied with ingredients.
  10. Keep meat in a refrigerator overnight to cure.  Do not place more than five kilos of meat in a tray.
  11. Tapa may now be cooked, package, sold, or may be partially or completely dried under the hot sun or by an artificial dryer.

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